●Thickens quickly even in small amounts.
●High versatility that can thicken just about anything.
●Will not change the original color or taste.


Food Thickeners should not have any characteristics that are stronger than the other. Maintaining the balance of these 5 characteristics are good not only for care givers,but for those being cared for.







How to use


How to thicken

In case of a drink that is difficult to get baked

● Add the food thickener while stirring the liquid such as water, tea, milk, juice, sports drink, warm soup etc.
● Will begin to thicken after 1 minute after being added. (Some liquids require 5-10 minutes to thicken especially for liquids that are acidic or high in protein).

For Chopped or Blended Meals

●Because it is difficult to dissolve in meat or fish, etc. adding the food thickener into broth, soup, etc separately and added together is recommended.
● When dishes are put into a blender, please add liquid such as soup and soup while adding the food thickener.

Recommended Dosages (per 100ml of liquid)

For milk or fruit juices, please mix first and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes
before mixing once more time.

Estimation of Thickness

Other Methods

● If viscosity is too thick, add the same liquid and stir to dilute the thickness.
● If viscosity if not thick enough, you can increase it by preparing separately a higher thickened liquid and adding it back into to original liquid to increase the viscosity.


Dextrin, Thickeners (Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Pullulan), Acidity Regulator


・1g Sachets x 50/Box x 20/Case
・2.5g Sachets x 50/Box x 20/Case
・100g Can x 12/Case (For Taiwan/Hong Kong)
・500g Bag x 10/Case
・2kg Bag x 4/Case

Regulator (Sodium Gluconate)

Good For 2 years

Important Notices

1. Desired Viscosity will be differ with each individual. Please consult with a doctor, dietitian, or speech
  therapist on recommend dosage.
2. This product is in powder form. Please do not ingest directly as it may cause aspiration.
3. Strength of viscosity may vary depending on temperature of liquid; it is best to check the viscosity
 before consuming.
4. If you add more powder into the food or liquid that has already been thickened, the powder will not
dissolve and cause lumping.
5. In case there are lumps formed during mixing, please remove the lumps before consuming to prevent
6. Milk, Juices and certain liquid diet drinks have different properties from other liquids and may take 5
to 10 minutes for it to thicken.
7. If powder is placed into liquid that is hot, there is chance of scolding when consuming. Be certain to
check the temperature before consuming.
8. When used by a care giver, please make sure that the thickened substance has been properly swallowed.
9. This product does not guarantee the prevention of aspiration (choking).
10. This product contains dietary fiber and may cause bloating or constipation.


Nutritional Facts

EnergyKcal kcal 267
Protein g 6.8
Unsaturated Fat g 0.9
Saturated Fat
g 0
Trans Fat Sugar g 45.2
Dietary Fiber g 41.2
Sodium mg 1200
Potassium mg 959
Calcium mg 436
Phosphorous mg 140
Iron mg 0.6
Total Fat g 3.0

Neo-High TromealⅢ


Suberakaze Meat