About FoodCare

FoodCare has been a leader in the dysphagia market in Japan since its establishment in 1997.

We were the first company to launch a thickener that was more clear and having less odor when starched-based thickeners were the main stream products in Japan. Since then, we have pushed forward with development and sales of innovative products which contribute to medical nutrition; expanding the product line up such as Protein Energy for Malnutrition and Vitamin/Mineral Enhancements for example. This is in addition to the core dysphagia related products.
In 2013, FoodCare began to venture overseas starting with the sales of the Neo-High Toromeal III in the Taiwan market. Since then, countries now selling FoodCare products include Hong Kong/Macau, Singapore and China. We will continue to expand throughout Asia to help countries outside of Japan cope with the issues that arise with an aging society.

FoodCare’s Philosophy

Creating happiness through food for seniors and patients in need of care.

  • Conducting business in a fair and sincere manner from our customer’s point of view.
  • Offer creative products with the all the parties involved will be satisfied with.
  • Earn the respect and trust of our customers through passion, ambition and humbleness.
  • Create self-motivated work and act ambitiously.

FoodCare’s Mission

FoodCare has managed its business as a medical food planner in the health care market since its establishment.

Our mission is to develop easy to use, safe and reliable products for patients and seniors. We put much importance in this and have accepted the social responsibilities it entails. We strive to develop products to improve the quality of life (QOL) for patients and seniors.


Oishii, Mogumogu, Gokkun

Supporting the Joy of Eating and Creating Never-ending Smiles

For all the individuals who find it difficult to eat;
For all those who wish to continue the desire and joy of eating;
We will continue to support you through our food products, equipment, information and
services to make sure it happens.

The importance and necessity of Care Foods.

Imagine you are starting to get older, and are in need to be cared for.
As long as you can eat and drink properly, there will be no problems with your normal eating habits.
However, when the ability to “chew” and “swallow” deteriorates, Care Foods become essential to maintain sustainable health.
Eating orally is one of the most important acts that make a person feel alive.
We believe that Care Foods can help with this. While many may not fully be aware of the need for Care Foods; there are certainly many who are in need of them.
Without a doubt, as we enter a full-fledged aging society, the need for Care Foods will continue to increase.
Food Care will continue to respond to the needs of the times, convey the value of Care Foods, and through Care Foods contribute to the continuation of
improving one’s quality of life in countries facing super-aging societies.


Continue to take on new challenges and bring smiles to people around the world.
Our goal is to support the joy of eating and bring smiles to people around the world. Believing that the joy of eating leads to the joy of living, we will continue to develop innovative products and provide new services to make this vision possible.
Expand the Circle of “Arigato (Thank You)” Hearts.
We wish everyone involved in OMG (Oishii, Mogumogu, Gokkun) to be happy and contribute to the creation of a better society through our sincere corporate activities; valuing the circle of hearts connected by “Arigato (Thank you)”.
We will create a corporate culture in which we ourselves pursue personal growth.
We will continue to create a corporate culture that respects each other’s individuality and allows the seeds of individual potential to flourish and grow in a lively and spiritually enriching manner.

Company info

COMPANY NAMEFoodCare Co., Ltd.
HEAD OFFICEOMG Bldg. 4-19-16 Hashimoto, Midori-ku Sagamihara-city
Kanagawa 252-0143
PRESIDENTYutaka Takeuchi
DATE ESTABLISHEDFebruary 3, 1997
CAPITAL FUND10,000,000 Yen
DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESSThe Development and Sales of Food Products related to nursing care and medical treatment


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