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“Meats and fishes are too difficult to chew.” and “vegetable are too tough to serve”…
“Suberakaze Meat” help solve these concerns!


  • Softens meat by 40%* just by soaking.
  • Can be used on beef, pork, chicken, and fish and helps reduce odor from the meat.
  • Vegetables (Root/Leafy) can be softened as well.

The Principle Behind Suberakaze Meat

The enzymes first shorten the muscle fiber of the meat. Suberakaze Meat will immerse in between the muscle fibers. Suberakaze Meat will then expand the muscle fibers. Suberakaze Meat will keep the muscle fibers expanded.

Changes to the Number of Bacteria when Soaking

Tests have shown that soaking in the refrigerator (5°C, 10°C) no increase of bacteria count. *Results are based tests for bacteria count on meat that has been soaked.

Results of Using Suberakaze Meat

Meats and Fishes become 40% softer!
Just soaking for 60 minutes, and the meat will be 20% softer. In 90 minutes, 40% softer (Based on internal tests).

Test Condition

After cooking the meat and letting it cool down to 20℃, the meat is tested with a creep meter measuring the stress(N/㎡)of
intrusion at 70% using a 3mm diameter plunger at a speed of 10mm/sec.

Result of using Suberakaze Meat on Root Vegetable (Lotus Root, Burdock). More than 60% softer
Result of using Suberakaze Meat on brassica rapa stem. 47% softer

※Internal test conditions Test using creep meter Plunger: 3mm diameter Speed :10mm/sec Temperature : 20℃

How to Use Suberakaze Meat

Prepare the soak, soaking or boiling foods. Then, cooking as normal.

How to Use Suberakaze Meat (Advanced)

How to soften tough fish
  • Point① Add 5% Suberakaze Meat powder of water volume
  • Point② In order to soften equally, cooking by steam or boil is recommended.
  • Point③ If needed, use a burner to make burnt marks onto the fish.
  • Large pieces of meat ⇒ cut into smaller pieces to ensure that it is thoroughly soaked.
  • Frozen food ⇒keep in mind the time needed to defrost before soaking.
  • If time is limited ⇒ place the food into a zipper storage bag and massage the soak into the liquid.

Food Additive

Meat and Fish Improving Additive

Food Additive

Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate35%
Succinic Acid Disodium3%


1 year


1kg Bag x 8 / Case

Caution during Usage

If choking occurs please contact emergency services for immediate medical attention!

  • This product should not be swallowed directly in its powder form.
  • To assure the food is prepared correctly, please make sure to consult a medical professional such as a Dietitian, or Speech Therapist
  • When serving, please make sure that the food has been swallowed safely.
  • This product is not intended to prevent aspiration.
  • Do not reuse the soak repeatedly. It is recommended to use the soak right after preparation and to not let it sit.

Caution during Storage

  • Make sure that the product is stored properly in a place out of reach of children.
  • Avoid storing in an area with direct sunlight or high humidity. Please use up promptly after opening.

Nutritional Information (per 100g)

Water Contentg0.5
Dietary Fiberg0.8
Salt Equivalentg51.6


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